Enthusiasm fading out

The enthusiasm is fading out, I reckon. That was expected though. I knew it would happen, just not when would it. Part of the reason is, I guess, the intensity of the adventure. It’s been a blast. I’ve gone from nearly zero to having read Cory Doctorow, having Linux as my main driver, set up […]

Does anybody actually use Linux with GUI only?

One of the reasons I decided to go ahead and bring back my old laptop back to life with Linux is because nowadays you don’t need to use the command line. While I always say I’m new at Linux, I’m really not completely new at it. I’ve had previous contact twice: back when I was […]

My DeGoogle progress

The Principles Not that I hate Google at all. Maybe, back when I first created my first Google account about 15 years ago, I looked at it as a free service I didn’t even have any alternative for. At some point I realized and accepted that I was sharing some information they used for profit. […]

Let knowledge come at its own pace and trigger big things

I just stumbled upon this toot, which happens to be yet another useful one among what seems to be a huge pile of them. The point of my entry is not about how useful above’s toot info is (which it indeed is), but about the idea of the awesome amount of tools, tutorials and learning […]